Welcome To Pets4uk.co.uk

Welcome to Pets4uk

Are you looking for your next pet? Or has your dog had a litter of puppies? Or your cat a litter of kittens? Or perhaps your horse has had a foal? Are you looking for a loving home for them?

Well, here at pets4uk.co.uk, you can advertise them on our classified Ad’s website safe in the knowledge that you are in total control of who will be their next pet parents.

pets4uk is a family run business, and just like you, we have animals welfare at heart, that’s why we are online moderators of every advertisement that comes to our website. We scrutinise as well as investigate every ad before we decide which ones will go forward onto the live site.

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Perhaps you’re looking for your next family pet? Or are you having difficulty deciding if a pet is right for you and your family and what type of pet? our sister site https://www.blogs4uk.co.uk is a website specifically for pet information articles on all types of pets, including their care and upkeep, which you will find very interesting and informative especially if you are just starting your search for a pet.

One particularly informative article we have here is about us and who we are https://www.pets4uk.co.uk/about-us/

Could you be looking for a pet service such as a veterinary clinic or even a pet grooming parlour? Well, once again you’ve come to the right place here at pets4uk.co.uk because we intend to offer low advertising rates for small businesses such as pet supplies stores etc. In the future, we foresee a high demand for our advertising spaces on the internet.

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Pet supplies.

We also have a sister site https://www.blogs4pets.co.uk where you will find lots of incredible easy to read blog articles relating to the care of pets.

Here below are just a few links to specific articles to whet your appetite.




If you are considering owning a pet but can’t decide which type of pet is for you, then you’ve have come to the right place for helpful advice, facts and plenty of pictures. Ultimately your choice of pet is going to be based on which pet type suits your personality and needs, but most importantly, your lifestyle. For instance, it wouldn’t be any good if you decided on a cat or dog as your choice of a pet, but you work away from home all week with no-one available to look after the pet’s needs while your away. So whether you’re interested in cats, dogs, horses rabbits or even backyard chicken rearing, we have something for you.

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Fresh air and exercise, you can’t beat it!

We’re pet-passionate and pet owners too and with this in mind, we will be adding to and improving our website over the coming weeks and months.

Pet people designed our membership programme for pet people, sign up is quick and easy and requires No Payment!

As we identify customers and their pet’s requirements and needs, new features and sales classes will be available.

So are you are a reputable and honest pet breeder?

Do you provide a pet service, or sell pet supplies?

Do you want to advertise on a website platform dedicated to customer satisfaction and pet care?

If the answer is YES, then welcome aboard!