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Placing an ad on Pets4UK Pet Services Directory is a simple process and FREE.

1 Register.

2 Confirm email.

3 Login

Once logged in go to Pet Directory

Select your relevant category for instance "Dog Sitters" (this is important as different categories have different fields)

Click "Add Business"

Fill in the form, we will be informed when your ad is posted, we will then review it and publish it.

Quick Tutorial.

insruct 1
First Register on the site see arrow in above image


You will be sent a confirmation email you will not be able to do anything unless you confirm it using the link in the email.


insruct 2You will then need to Login and you will be taken to this page.
On the menu click Pet Directory see arrow


insruct 3Select the correct category for your business.


insruct 4Once there click the Add Business button


insruct 5You will then be taken to the form in the above image. Fill this in and click submit when finished


insruct 6Map and images


Click Locate in Map button to get the correct position of your business

Images click Add Image and upload box will appear. To add another image click Add Image again.

We look forward to getting your business listed on our site.