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cat with kittensWhen we where on holiday a few weeks ago in Protaras I took a few images of the cats we saw.

Thought we would share them here with you.

Some images taken were at Farmagusta but most were around Protaaras

A heartwarming story to put a smile on your face. A three week old squirrel monkey named Fyodor sadly abandoned by his mother has been adopted by a 16-year-old cat called Rosinka

The Tyumen Zoo director Tatyana Antropova in the Siberian city of Tyumen decided to take the monkey home and Rosinka immediately adopted him and allows the baby to cling to her back for warmth.

Keeping fish can be very rewarding and relaxing when everything is going right. One of the biggest set backs to this great hobby is disease. It can result in fish loss and even total wipe-outs.

Finding good advice and information can be overwhelming and confusing.

Using your local aquatic shop is usually your first stop but unless they actually visit your house and take a look it can be hard for them to give you correct advice.

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