About Us

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About us and who we are.

About Us!

First of all, let me welcome you to this very personal insight about us, who we are, our life and goals.

My name is Paul, And my wife’s name is Linda, Linda is a London girl and me, I am an Essex boy, we have been married for 42 years, and just like most of you we’ve had our struggles and battles over the years.

Our biggest battle!

At the end of May 2015, Linda after hospital checks received the news that she had Ovarian cancer stage 3c clear cell, and quite honestly this news rocked our lives completely.

So many sleepless nights and worry with plenty of tears in-between were to follow. 

“And the fight was on.”

Linda started her chemotherapy at the end of September 2015, After she had life-changing surgery to remove the tumour.

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Linda’s last chemo session.

Long story short, Linda is one of the lucky ones, and this fight has helped shape us into who we are today.

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Linda, in the summer of 2019 four years cancer-free.

We owe such a debt to the McMillan nurses, doctors, surgeons and the NHS. And they are the reason that Linda is with us today.

So forgive me for the links that I have included below. They “just might help someone else”.




Let’s Retire And Enjoy The Rest Of Our Lives.

During the years following Linda’s last chemotherapy session and her regular 6-month visits back to the hospital for scans and blood tests, we decided that as far as work goes, enough was enough!

We had been working all our married lives, and now was the time to retire,

We had concluded that you never know what’s around the corner, or what time you have left on this planet of ours.

So let’s just put our feet up and enjoy each others company with our pets.

Sounds great, doesn’t it!

Yes, to start with it sounded like a great idea, I mean we had worked for so long so bugger it, let’s stop work, let’s be done with it once and for all.

It’s not that easy!

But no, it’s not as simple as that, for 42 years we both have had busy family lives, working, saving for holidays, trips to the garden centre at the weekend, you know’ usual stuff that people do!

How could I think or imagine that just putting the brakes on, and coming to a stop would be easy? I had spent years employed as a maintenance engineer. And didn’t realise how busy our lives were.

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Just another day at work.

When Linda was diagnosed with cancer, I was employed to deliver, service, and repair mobility scooters, and I did this for a good many years.

I can remember chatting to the customers as I was drinking the tea and biscuits they had kindly given me, And one of the questions I would always ask the husband of the couple ” did you take to retirement easily or is it a struggle.”

Some would say it was easy to retire with no more getting up for work in the morning etc., and some would have the opposite opinion stating that they needed to find a hobby or something similar to occupy their minds. 

I would always come away thinking ( oh! I cant wait to retire and do nothing, that’s going to be right up my street lol ) 

“Well, I couldn’t be further away from the truth.”

For me, it was a nightmare! I would spend the day looking for something to do.

At night I would be lying in bed unable to fall asleep because I hadn’t done anything during the day.

It,s at these quiet times when you’re left with just your thoughts that you start to question, who we are, and why are we here?

And the next sentence says a lot about us. We can’t just stop and fade away!

I have to do something I can’t go on like this, but what? Shall I go back to work for somebody else? If so, how can I spend more time with Linda?

Then it hit me!

“Work for ourselves at home”, years earlier we were hobby dog breeders for the Shih Tzu breed.

And we would raise the odd litter of pups, which would generally be in demand from our family and friends.

But instead of breeding dogs ( we had done that and wore the tee-shirt ) why don’t I build a classified ad,s website for pets, pet supplies, and pet services, and while I’m at it I will also build a website for pet-related blogs articles.  

But these websites would be different!

These websites would cater for everything pet related.no ads or pop-ups from third parties.

And contain lots of information on specific pet types and breeds.

And it must be a good user experience for all who visit it!

Well, that interested me, and I researched many other websites on the internet for ideas.

I was struck by, how every time that you visit a website you get bombarded with pop-ups asking you to subscribe to this and to buy that.

And quite honestly one of the things about us is that we are straightforward people, and straight away I will come off that particular website because I find it so annoying, even more so when the pop-up doesn’t have anything to do with the search which then makes me feel as though I have been misled.

And Here We Are!



24/7 family-run websites for reputable breeders, suppliers of pet products, and pet services and interesting blog articles.

With categories such as pet services for groomers and pet walkers. Veterinary practices.

And pet supplies, for suppliers of all things pet related. And most importantly NO POP’UPS or ads to take YOU the user off the page.

These websites to date are ongoing with updates and improvements, and we are concentrating on user experience and safety, along with animal welfare.

I hope this small insight has given you some idea about us and who we are, “you never know what you can do until you try”.

Thank you for taking the time to read this insight, and my heartfelt message to all diagnosed with cancer, “FIGHT” “FIGHT” “FIGHT” AND “FIGHT SOME MORE”!   “NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT”